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My name is Samuel James Estrada Balaoro and I'm a Web Designer and a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist. However, my passion comes from helping other people and leaving them smiling with satisfaction. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. I've seen a dark side to marketing and I'm here to replace that.

I started my own blog called The BE Mindset Group in December 2019. It was starting well until the start of the quarantine in 2020. I've lost my job and was slowly building debt. Desperation filled me, so I tried to look for ways to start monetizing my blog. That's when I fell for my first, and only, make money online quick scheme from con marketing gurus. This added more debt to what I already had and I wasn't the only prey who fell for their trap.

The irony is that I decided to learn more about marketing myself. Since joining this industry, I've met good people who are also professional marketers, but it's sad to see they're being overshadowed by these con artists. While there are already people on YouTube exposing these fake gurus, I want to promote a more ethical and humanistic way of marketing. I'm here to help businesses take an ethical and strategic way to market for long-term customers through the inbound methodology. 




The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Issued February 2020

Thinkful's Digital Marketing Immersion Program

Issued December 2020


Inbound Certification

Issued December 2020

This is where I started in my marketing journey. Google provided me with the basic knowledge of digital marketing. I had an understanding of different forms of marketing through email, content, social media, and advertisements.

Thinkful is an online learning platform that provided me with a deeper understanding of digital marketing. It dove deeper into creating SMART goals and running ad campaigns. They also taught me about creating great content and the importance of having a purposeful website.

HubSpot Academy taught me all about the Inbound Methodology. This helped me in learning more about branding and what makes a great brand from a normal one. I even learned about the inbound flywheel, which works well for long-term business growth.


Erasto R. Batongmalaque Foundation

Website Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

March 2021 - Present

I am currently the Web Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist of the Erasto R. Batongmalaque Foundation (ERBF). Here, I'm not only building my skills in digital marketing but traditional marketing as well. Just recently, I've released a new brochure design that had a 10% increase in returns from donations alone.

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